Our history

We are continually inspired by the passion and creativity of our customers, who have greatly influenced the continual development of Formech vacuum forming machines and ancillaries. With over 3 decades of experience in delivering complete solutions including consultancy, equipment, installation and training throughout the globe, Formech can offer unparalleled machine customisation and support to realise new designs and concepts.

UK customers

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Formech is founded

Formech was formed by a group of toy designer to address the need for an economical, versatile and compact vacuum forming machine, capable of producing high quality mouldings from low cost tooling. Formech’s first prototype was well received by model makers, architects, tool makers, R&D labs and design houses.


Enhancement of machines' range

Formech launches the 450 and 660 machines, providing larger forming areas and improved depth of draw to achieve high definition mouldings accross a wider range of applications. Formech 508FS and 686 represent the latest developments of these internationally successfull machines.

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Welcome to the US

Hot on the heels of a fantastic market response to Formech machines at the NPE show 1985, Formech enters the US market and establishes Formech USA.


Pillar in the Education sector

Plastics processing in Design & Technology introduced into the UK National Curriculum, leading to wide adoption of the purpose built Formech 300X throughout the UK education sector. Formech 300X, first replaced with the 300XQ is now represented by the 450DT model.

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Formech goes Worldwide

Formech rapidly expands international operations and machines sales with new branch office in France and Italy and appoints resale partners troughout mainland Europe, Nordics, Asia, Australasia and the Middle East.


Beginning of touch-screen PLC

Formech increases presence in the industrial sector with the launch of the touch-screen controlled Formech FDH Series (now replaced with the HD Series) for large scale, high definition applications.

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Pack it with Formech

Formech enters the packaging sector with the launch of the TF Series, designed for small to medium scale productions runs with thin gauge materials, enabling quick and easy set-up offering supplementary production to inline production. The first introduction of PLC with touch-screen HMI provides intuitive control, memory options, and customisable graphics, underlining Formech’s commitment to delivering cutting edge technologies in machine design.


Quartz heaters arrive at Formech

Quartz heaters implemented across the standard range of Formech machines with ceramic heaters available for specialist applications.

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Always making improvements

Formech launches the new 300XQ, the lastest evolution in the 300 Series featuring Quartz heaters, firmly establishing itself as the most powerful and energy efficient machine in its class. Formech 300XQ has now been replaced with the 450DT model which comes with a mono HMI operating interface .


Makeover of the automatic models

Formech completely redesigned the HD and TF machines and paid particular attention to the PLC control and touchscreen interface. Formech introduced FCV (Formech Cycle View) which enables many user to easily navigate through the complete machine cycle in a clear and logical fashion. The high resolution graphics provide much more information and greater clarity. This resulted in the launch of the Series 2 HD and TF machines during 2014.

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Vacuum it with Formech

Formech’s automatic HD & TF series earned an international reputation for cost effective and reliable vacuum forming across a wide range of prototyping, testing and production applications. Appreciated for ease of use, efficiency and compact footprint Formech’s HD Series is easy to accommodate and quick to commission.


40 years, still going strong

40 years after its creation, Formech has a global network of direct offices and qualified partners throughout Europe, Middle East, Africa, USA and Asia to provide expert advice, local installation and support. Formech machines are still designed and built in the UK where the continuous development confirms its strong recognition worldwide.

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